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"Speed monitor"

Position, speed, angle feedback encoder sensor solutions。 Customized solutions。

     Position, speed, angle feedback encoder sensor solutions. Customized solutions.  SDM45 Series Intelligent speed monitor Features 1, square wave pulse (passive sensor) inputs, 3-wire sensors and 5-30V pulse level as the external signal source.  2, the speed lose alarm and speed over alarm functions, the three relays can be set flexibly, use in coordination. 3, alarm values, number of teeth (unit pulses), recovery lag time and other parameters can be set by panel buttons directly at the scene. 4, maximum speed memory function, assist fault analysis. 5, it can show the maximum value set simultaneously. 6, can display total running time. 7,abnormality of the sensor input circuit alarm. 8,instantaneous speed measurement and display functions, maximum speed 9999 rev / min, four digital tube digital display function. 9, alarm function, can set three alarm value. On the front panel there are two green LED indicators (Relay1, Relay2) and a red LED (Relay3), and accordingly has three relay alarm output contacts. When one alarm set faster than any of the measured value, the corresponding indicator light, the relevant relay contact output switch signals, protect the monitoring equipment.

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